About Us

About Us

New Bul Bul Group Of Houseboats Srinagar Dal Lake Kashmir

New-BulBul-Group-of -Houseboats-Srinagar

“Proudly serving since 1982 in the Hospitality Sector”.

We provide  various

services like Deluxe, Standard, Honeymoon & budget rooms in Houseboats in
 Srinagar Dal Lake Kashmir . We also organize Various Holiday Tour Packages

like, Honeymoon, Family, Get-together, Reunions, as well as the Customized Tour
Packages of your own choice. We are also organizing Various Treks like The
Great Lakes Treks & customized Treks as well.

We are ready to help you 24×7.

Call or WhatsApp +919906252580

Website  https://newbulbulgroupofhouseboats.com

Email : newbulbul@ymail.com

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